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Luci Reyes


Luci was born in Veracruz, Mexico, a place famous for its delicious seafood dishes and Caribbean-influenced food and music. She comes from a family of singers and Mariachi musicians. Naturally, she picked up their musical skills and was taught by her aunt to sing Mariachi music. The artistic side of her family has always been an inspiration to Luci, and perfecting her family's craft has become a personal mission and passion for her. Luci began her career in the kitchen, which taught her how to manage time, multitask, and work efficiently under pressure. The kitchen also instilled in her the values of cleanliness, smart work, and the art of food. Later on, she moved to the front of the house, where she learned the art of patience, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication with customers. Luci thrives in a busy environment where perfection is key to providing the best possible service. She is proud of her work ethic, culture, and where she comes from. Starting from the kitchen and working her way to the front of the house has given her a unique perspective on the hospitality industry. In Luci's own words, "I am proud of my roots and will continue to perfect my craft with every opportunity that comes my way." Luci has been with Guacaya Bistreaux for over a year, and we are proud to have such a wonderful person like her as our Front of House Manager. Please say hello to Luci when you see her, and she will be delighted to provide you with her amazing hospitality and smile.